Synthi AKS Quad MIDI-CV

Synthi AKS Quad-MIDI

This is a Quad MIDI-CV interface designed to be used with a Synthi AKS. It shares many of the features found in our three channel Synthi AKS Poly MIDI-CV interface but with these additional features:

  • Four channels of MIDI generated CV (CV1 to CV4).
  • CV1 to CV3 available directly to the matrix via Input Ch 1/Ch 2 and row 16.

CV1 to CV4 are also available via a special cable that connects to the unit with four EMS patch pins on one end and a mini-DIN plug on the other. The CVs are connected to the tip of the pins only and the cable allows CV1 to CV4 to be injected into any of the Synthi control inputs (i.e. matrix columns). The pins are colour coded with green, blue and yellow corresponding to CV1 to CV3 and black to CV4.

Synthi AKS Quad-MIDI

The reason for this cable is that CV1 to CV4 can be used even when control of the Synthi input channels is through the attached KS keyboard. So it is possible, for example, to use the KS sequencer keyboard and still have CV1 to CV4 available via the matrix pin cable to add dynamic envelopes created via MIDI for filter control, reverb mix, output channel and level envelopes.

Here is a small demo MP3 made on a VCS3 Mk2 using the Synthi Quad MIDI-CV interface. The play mode is ‘mono mode’ with CV1 given by MIDI note, CV2 by note velocity, CV3 MIDI modulation wheel and CV4 MIDI pan. CV1 is controlling osc1 pitch, CV2: osc2 pitch and CV3: osc3 pitch (with invert option on). CV4 is used via the patch pin cable to control filter cutoff. So basically the unit is sending polyphonic sequences to the VCS3.


Play Modes

  • CV1/Gate1 assigned to Note On/Off messages
  • CV2/3/4 are assignable to controllers, velocity or pitch bend
  • Gate2/3/4 are assignable to controllers
  • One channel recognition
  • CV1/Gate1 and CV2/Gate2 are on channel N–CV1 assignable to MIDI notes
  • CV3/Gate3 and CV/Gate4 are on channel N+1–CV4 assignable to MIDI notes
  • CV1/2/3/4 and Gate1/2/3/4 are respectively on channels N to N+4
  • CVs or gates can be assigned to MIDI notes or controllers independently
  • CV1/Gate1 and CV2/Gate2 are assigned to Note On/Off messages
  • CV3 and CV4 are assignable to controllers, velocity or pitch bend
  • PIC18F2320 only
  • CV1/2/3/4 and Gate1/2/3/4 are assigned to Note On/Off message
  • PIC18F2320 only

As an example of its use, three of the four channels being used to inject CV1 to CV3 into the matrix (Input Ch 1, Input Ch 2 and row 16) and the fourth channel used to offer novel triggering modes of the ES.

Synthi AKS Quad-MIDI CV

The unit derives its power from Synthi AKS and is about 100mA mainly from the +12V side of the power rail. The unit will of course work with the VCS3 (Mk2) and DK1/2 keyboard… but we offer a special version for VCS3s in an Afroromosia hardwood case to match the VCS3 styling. See Synthi VCS3 Quad MIDI-CV for more details.