Synthi AKS Space Port (Prototype)

Synthi AKS Space Port

This is a new design which combines three of our interface modules (CV Interface, Matrix interface and Quad MIDI-CV Interface) within a single desktop case. The case is made from textured black ABS and is a great match to the original Spartanite case of the Synthi AKS.

The Space Port interfaces to the Synthi AKS via male and female jones plugs and to the matrix via the presto patch socket. It is powered by its own external supply and thus makes no demand on the Synthi PSU.

Apart from all the functionality offered by each separate module, there are some additional features:

  • Four voltage inverters that can be patched into the matrix via small 3.5 mm patch cables
  • Ability to patch any of the four MIDI generated control voltages MCV1 to MCV4 into the matrix – again, using patch cables

The Space Port effectively daisy chains the CV Interface and MIDI-CV interfaces together thus allowing powerful options when interfacing with external MIDI gear, analogue voltage sources, effects, analogue modular synths etc. All this in a very compact module that can conveniently sit next to an AKS. As in all our modules and interfaces, great care is placed into the design so as to be aesthetically as well as functionally harmonious with the iconic EMS Synthi AKS.

A version for use with the EMS VCS3 Mk2 is also planned, with similar design and features but in a hardwood case.