Synthi AKS Interface Modules

Digitana Electronics has developed custom interface modules specifically designed in their functionality and appearance, for use with the EMS Synthi AKS. The cases are a black plastic trapezoidal retro design to match the styling of the Spartanite attaché case. Particular attention is placed on the front panel design (anodised aluminium) and the use of original (Cliff Plastics) control knobs.

The majority of these modules are also available in special versions for interfacing with the Synthi A, with slightly modified front panel layouts. In addition, because the internal PSU of the Synthi A is much weaker than that of the Synthi AKS, depending on the module, an external AC/DC adapter is used to avoid overloading the Synthi A PSU. Please consult the specific interface page for more details on compatibility of a particular interface with the Synthi A.

Synthi AKS Interfaces

All Synthi AKS models also come in a Synthi A version. Please get in touch for more information.