New In: Clear Vinyl Dust Covers for E.M.S. Synthi VCS3

In the past we offered cool transparent vinyl dust covers for the E.M.S. VCS3. They proved very popular but the seamstress who made them moved on to a full time teaching job and could not spare the time to produce any more as they are complicated items to make because of the nature of vinyl, the shape of the VCS3 and the need to add a material seam along all edges.

Anyway by popular demand, we have had these remade by Kendra Frost and fashion designer Alexandra Groover who have set up a new enterprise called 'Nude Cover' which will be offering similar styled clear dust covers for other synths.

Nude Cover

The new 'ENO' covers are hand made to a very high quality, with precision stitched black material edging and branded label discretely sewn on the rear. More pictures to follow. Price is £100 each plus shipping.

Please use the contact form below if you would like to order one.

New In: Clear Vinyl Dust Covers for E.M.S. Synthi VCS3

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