We develop custom interface modules for classic synthesizers made by Electronic Music Studios (E.M.S.) : The Synthi A(KS) and VCS3. Our interfaces and expansion units are specially developed to interface external effects units, control sources, modular synthesizers, MIDI sequencers etc  to the  VCS3 (Mk 1 and Mk 2), the Synthi A and Synthi AKS synthesizers. All units are hand made, built to a high standard and employ original synthi style control knobs, jack sockets and panel layouts as well as carefully chosen case designs (including the use of afrormosia hardwood to match the VCS3) to complement a users existing Synthi AKS or VCS3.




‘Digitana’ was the name given by Dr. Peter Zinovieff (one of the founders of E.M.S) to the Synthi 100 prototype.



CURRENTLY IN STOCK as of 11/01/2017:
  • Synthi AKS CV/Gate Interface
  • Synthi AKS Poly MIDI-CV Interface
  • Synthi AKS Quad MIDI-CV Interface
  • Synthi AKS Matrix Interface

Most of the above can also be adapted to work with the Synthi A. VCS3 versions of all the above are also available – please enquire.

  • Synthi AKS KS Expander
  • Synthi Hi-FLi
  • Synthi Control Console
  • VCS3  CV&G/Poly/Quad Midi-CV/Matrix Interfaces







Important Disclaimer:

This website is not affiliated to EMS (Cornwall) which is run by Robin Wood. For the official EMS website, please click here.